First time for chemo


First time for chemo

Hi all, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, have had a double mastectomy and removal of a number of lymph nodes. I am coming up 6 weeks post surgery and will be starting chemo next week. I am very anxious about chemo (being the unknown), if anyone has any pre/post chemo hints and tips it would be appreciated. Yvette77


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Re: First time for chemo

Hi Yvette.


Thanks for posting. Sorry to read about what you have just endured.


Yeah I get it about to he Chemo waiting game

I'm in the same boat, waiting for my first results from my chemo.


Trying to stay positive would be the best starting point. Don't worry about what the result might be. Deal with it when you get to it.


If you would like me to pray for you please let me know and I will put you on my prayer list.


God Bless









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