Hello I have cancer detected in my Prostate

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Hello I have cancer detected in my Prostate

Hi Cancer Council Online Community,


Yesterday I got the results of an MRI that located 3 lesions on my prostate, one of which is rated 5 -clinicall significant cancer is likely to be present. It also displays an extracapsular extension. I am waiting to see a urologist.


Thought I should start doing something about getting myself orientated to new ways of thinking about life and one step is to join this community.





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Re: Hello I have cancer detected in my Prostate

G’day. My brother had diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer. He had the op, and that was nearly 10 years ago. Aged 68. He still plays tennis and golf, and travels. 

I had a different cancer, several decades ago. It taught me who my real friends were. It was tough at the time, but I rarely even think about it now. 

Go well. 

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