I think I have cancer but I am waiting to see an ENT doctor for diagnosis

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I think I have cancer but I am waiting to see an ENT doctor for diagnosis

Hi all im new here and I’m not sure if it’s ok to post on here but I need someone who has been through my situation or close to talk to. For 7 months now iv been having pain on and off in my left tonsil all of which I have see. Multiple doctors about a dentist about and an oral surgeon about all to which have laughed at me and told me I’m fine there is nothing wrong your over exaggerating. Iv been on 4 rounds of antibiotics all of which have done nothing. Iv had an MRI after woulds I found out they where looking at my TMJ joint and nerve near as I was having numbness and tingling in my side of my face  and OPG which came back fine and showed nothing dental wise and iv had an ultrasound which has shown  three small lymph nodes all the same side which are all similar in size and no hilum can be seen (which is the part that worries me the most) the doctor told me it could be from and infection and to get another ultrasound if symptoms continue.


 The doctor I finally saw last Thursday was like there is something not right you need to see an ENT. But I can’t get into the see an ENT until June which is still 4 months away. I’m worry now is that something is extremely wrong and my diagnosis isn’t going to be nice.


I’m 29 yrs old I have three young girls 7,3 and 11 months old

iv had a handful of smokes in my whole life I’m not a huge drink as I’m more a taxi service for my partner and three young kids and not long had a baby and am currently breastfeeding. I have lived and grown up around Heavy smokers so have always been around second hand smoke.
Has anyone else been through these same struggles only to find that the doctors where wrong and something not nice was very wrong. 

thanks for reading 

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