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New here with questions

Hello all,


My mother in law has had a very long battle with breast cancer. When it most recently came back, about 8 months ago.. she decided to not seek further treatment. She wanted to live the rest of her days the way she wanted to live them. In the recent days, she has become confused, easily agitated, she has had one hallucination when she was sitting in the living room with her husband and saw a man walking down her hallway (not anyone she knew), she lost control of her bladder twice 2 nights ago, and her appetite has gotten weaker and she has trouble swallowing. She has also begun to misplace important things (jewelry, credit cards, etc.) and when asked about them, she becomes irritated. Also, the past few nights while she is sleeping, her breaths per minute have not inconsistent. Last night it was 9 bpm, the night before was 15.


I know no one can give any type of timeline. So I guess what I was wondering is if anyone has experience with these symptoms? Are these indications that she is coming to the end of her road? We all have a feeling that it has spread to her brain but obviously we do not know for sure. She receives in home hospice care but is not so weak that she is confined to a bed. She is still moving around, she went out and got her nails done the other day, still does her make up when she leaves the house. Considering that, with her symptoms.. is just very confusing. If anyone can offer any insight, it would be much appreciated!

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Hi Hayley 12
Sometimes a build up of pain meds in the body can also cause some of the symptoms you describe .
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