Past and Present Cancers

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Past and Present Cancers

Living with past and present cancers, i will explain .

1/ In 2008 i was diagnosed with bone cancer in my middle finger on

 my right hand(metacarpal  bone).

It started out as a very,very small bump in my hand, put up with it for a few months, my partner encourage me to get it checked out.

Long story short version,

After many tests ,MRI's, CT, and PET Scans , the lump grew to about the size of a small baby pea.

I was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma (bone  cancer)

In June of 2009 i had the 3 middle fingers removed from my hand,( from the wrist they were taken out).

Off work for 6 months,had 3 bouts of surgery, rehabilitation, and learned to adapt with my new right hand. to be continued.


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