Prostate Ca


Prostate Ca

Hi all, my wonderful 60 yr old husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 (I think) prostate Ca. He had a Gleason score of 7. Had Robotic prostatectomy ealry December last year. Unfortunately at the surgery the surgeon found it had escaped a tad! His PSA never went to zero. He now has to commence daily radiation for 7 weeks. WIll hvae the MRI as the first part of the planning this week. He was lucky and never had any incontience after the surgery. His erectile function has not recovered though. He is feeling crappy about this. Although I dont give a rats about that. I just want my husband here with me.  We went for a ride with our motorcycle club overnight on the weekend and I busted him having a cigarette.  Mind you we both gave up over 5 years ago.  We are both terrified  of what the outcome may be but try to be strong for the other one. I lost it at work last week and now feel so bad because its not me that has this horrible illness.  I m a registered nurse and that somteimes is a curse. The doc told us that he has only a a60% chance of being cancer free after 5 years. Thanks for the chance to vent!

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Re: Prostate Ca

Hi Ginny,


Going for an motorcycle ride sounds rather exciting. I'd be too scared myself, no sense of balance and all. 


If you don't mind me asking, how is everything going??

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