Sex after total pelvic exenteration.

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Sex after total pelvic exenteration.

Hi I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3b in 2021, had chemo, radiation and brachytherapy and was told I was cancer free.  !2 months later during a routine MRI   it was found to have returned, this time I was given a total pelvic exenteration, and ended up with a colostomy and an urostomy.  My husband of 20 years can't understand why I can't have intercourse and feels he has needs to be met.  I am totally sorry for his situation but I am very thankful to be alive .  He is 60 and I'm 58.  I feel he blames me for the situation he is in,  hence my cancer was HPV 16 related so he more than likely gave it to me.  I have given him the opportunity to walk away from our marriage, he chose to stay.  I guess I really just needed to put this out there.  I have suggested we talk to a sex therapist but I want one that knows about cancer and what I've been through.  Thank you for reading.

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