Stage 4 Breast Cancer Brain tumour removed 6/22

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Stage 4 Breast Cancer Brain tumour removed 6/22


I had surgery in Nov 17 for TNBC right side against rib behind mastectomy implant. I had surgery 13 lymph nodes removed 6 months Chemo and 25 rounds of Radiation. I do not have the BRCA gene 
This year I was 3 months shy of being 5 years cancer free (9/22)when a TNBC 30mm tumour was discovered in my left frontal lob. I was operated on early June 22 and recovered well. 
it is now nearly 3 months on and where to from here?


I had radiation on the tumour area of my brain which was almost like nothing. 
I had an MRI Monday and I’m waiting on results. 
I guess I’m looking for treatments and Advise to help the tumour not return or give me as much time as I can possibly get. 
I changed my diet in 2017. No meat, no dairy and no alcohol. Which was hard at the time but I’m good now. 
My biggest problem now is I’m a little lost. I’ve been good with my body. I’m the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been and still IT got me. 
Before TNBC in Nov 17 I had DCIS in Nov 14 and opted for a double mastectomy in Feb 15. 
In May 16 I found a little lump on my right hand side below my nipple and it was Est+ so I was operated on again and went on Arimidex until the TNBC was found. The Arimidex effected my bones and I went from  osteopenia to Osteoporosis. Since starting  weight training and stopping the Arimidex I have improved my bone mass and returned it back to osteopenia. 
So I have been through a bit. But I feel great and want to stay around as long as possible. 
In the last 3 years I have retired and I have 5 little grandchildren that I want to be around for. 
If anyone knows of any forums , doctors or treatments please let me know. It is a lonely place wondering what to do next.  🙏 Jo

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