Waiting for a Diagnosis

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Waiting for a Diagnosis

My husband is 25 and noticed a lump in his neck. Funnily enough after having a ultrasound it was a different lymnode that came back abnormal. The dr wanted to leave it and recheck in 3 months he refused to even do a simple blood test. Needless to say we found a new Dr.l and got the blood test. I guess I wasn’t expecting anything... but it came back with low white blood cell count and kidney function off. The new Dr seems quite concerned. She’s referred him to Peter Mac for further investigations and diagnosis. The past week he has been so tired falling asleep throughout the day and inside his nose is all ulcerated. I guess I still have hope but I’m preparing for the worst. I want to cry and scream but I can’t do that in front of him. The waiting game is the worst part. Not knowing what we’re dealing with. Does anyone know how long it takes the team at Peter Mac to organise things for you? They rang to register him but so far that’s all.

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Re: Waiting for a Diagnosis

Hello Nurse1991,


I'm not able to give you an answer on your Peter Mac question but I just wanted to say that it was really good that you went for a second opinion, it's so important to double-check things when it comes to your health and unfortunately there are a lot of GP's that are quick to dismiss further investigation. The waiting period does suck, a lot. I can only relate as a benchwarmer so to speak as my close friend has stage 4 cancer - when she is waiting for results from numerous tests, she gets extremely anxious. I just try my hardest to occupy her thoughts in a different direction the best I can, I hope you and your husband can do the same.





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