Hi I was diagnosed with stage 3 A lung cancer tumor rite lung going on three MOs ago: going thru radiation n chemo: my question:  I’m finding family and ppl will start leaving you alone ; and I don’t get it especially when I could use their support rite now : maybe I’m being a whiner idk but it but there me that certain ppl can’t even text or call once I awhile to talk and it doesn’t even have to be about cancer . Has anyone else experienced this? Thx for any responses 

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I make no claims about being a tough old rooster.
I have continued working from Day 1 and have been through Stage 3A Colon Cancer in 2007, Stage 3A NSCLC in 2017, recurrent Stage 4 NSCLC in 2019.
People sometimes need reminding that it isn;t quite business as usual but I'm not ready to take to the couch yet.
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