supporting my wife with breast cancer

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supporting my wife with breast cancer


My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been very supportive to my wife through this traumatic experience. i have been with her through the whole procedure right up until we went to radiotherapy.   We seen the doctor there on day 1. The next day we went back and seen the nurse and she explained the procedure. At the end when it was time to go and do her markup for the radiation we both stood up to go to do the procedure the nurse the nurse told me a could not be part of any more of her procedure and i had to go and sit in the waiting room. I told her that i have been part of all of her procedures all the way through her treatment. The nurse told me that i cannot be part any more and i needed to go to the waiting room. I felt that they were being very prejudices and raciest to me . How am i supposed to support my wife. Where is the support for me? 

The next day i took my wife back to get her first treatment and was again refused to be able to attend her treatment. I seen her doctor and asked to speak to her which she agreed and i told her my problems. Her doctor told me that i could not go back as there is patients half dressed there. I asked the doctor the doctor if my wife will be exposed to other male patients and she told me she would be, I was not happy about this as she shouldn't be put in this position and the doctor told me that it is just the way it is. She also told me that it is a sterile area and that there is radiation there. I said there should be safe areas where the people giving the treatment will be in a safe Area. She told me to go back to the waiting area. 

After my wife finished her treatment and come out i asked her about it and she told me that the same people in my waiting room go to the back waiting room. get changed in a private room and wait for their treatment and return to my waiting room. So there is no sterilized room. This is one of the first lies from her doctor. Then she told me there is no radiation as the doctors administering the radiation sit at a desk outside the room and only the patient is exposed to radiation. another lie from the doctor. She also told me that there is nobody there that is half exposed to other patients, another lie from the doctor. 

Now it is a very sore topic between me and my wife as she gets upset whenever i say anything about it. and tells me that i should just shut up and not say nothing as she is getting treatment and that is all that counts. I wish that there is some support for me as this is causing a lot of stress to our relationship. i also believe that there should be female nurses as she feels uncomfortable with the male nurses and does not want to say anything as it is a public system and just puts up with it. 

Sorry if i seem to rant on, but i dont have anyone to talk to about it. 

I spoke to a friend who supported her relation, and she told me the same thing happened to her and she was not happy about it either and there was no support for her either. 

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