About our Community newsletter

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About our Community newsletter

Every month, we send out an email newsletter to all members of the Cancer Council Online Community.


This usually happens towards the end of the month though very occasionally we may send you a separate email for information and support events such as the webinar which we had livestreaming in the community for the first time this month.


These emails contain happenings within the community, as well as the latest in research and cancer news from an Australian perspective. We also include events taking place across Australia with Cancer Council, and other organisations such as Peter Mac, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Network Australia, CanTeen and Ovarian Cancer Australia.


If you have an information seminar or event that you think other community members may like to attend, anywhere in the world - please send us an email and we'll review your submission. Please note, we do not allow any fundraising to take place within the Online Community, as this is a space for people affected by cancer to connect and seek support.


If you're not already a member of the Online Community and would like to get the newsletter, simply sign up!


If you have any questions, feel free to reply here or send us an email 😃

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