Caring for Someone in Their Last Months

As a carer, it can be a little bit scary to think about looking after someone in their last months. It's natural to be worried and you will no doubt have questions about what the future holds.



Who is this episode suitable for?

This episode is suitable for family members and carers of people in their last months of life. Caring for someone can be demanding, both physically and emotionally. This episode looks at the common questions that come up, along with the feelings you may be having, whether negative or positive, and offer practical solutions to assist you in your caring role.


Who is in this episode?

In this episode of The Thing About Advanced Cancer, host, Julie McCrossin sits down with Jane Philips, Director and Professor of Palliative Nursing at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).


Professor Jane Phillips with Julie McCrossinProfessor Jane Phillips with Julie McCrossin

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