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What happens when your role moves from partner or friend to carer? Find out how others cope or share your experiences.
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Kim HobbsThe fourth episode in our new podcast series covers how it can be hard to know when to offer help to someone affected by cancer. If someone has just been diagnosed or has been living with cancer, whilst you may want to be supportive, it can often be hard t...Read More
By Kate_CCNSW 0 replies 272 views
My husband was diagnosed/treated with bowel cancer in Dec 2013. He had successful surgery (thank goodness no stoma bag) and went through 6 months chemo. He suffered with neuropathy from the treatment (affecting his fingers, toes and genital functions). He also h...Read More
By LoveLost 13 replies 5,503 views
Recently my mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the upcoming months (I will be her primary carer during this time). It's great to see the amount of support she is receiving from family and friends. ...Read More
By meryd90 6 replies 2,012 views
Hello, so I am very new to this. My boyfriend and I have been together for just over 4 years. And he has been battling brain cancer for the past 2. I don't want him to die I love him and wanted to spend my life with him but his condition is worsening. I feel like h...Read More
By Danielle_92 2 replies 4,105 views
Hello All My partner is having another severe reaction to his treatment. Extreme pain and neuropathy. His syringe driver meds concoction has been upped significantly. His oncologist did a scan yesterday as he thought the cancer had spread to his liver - it hasn't t...Read More
By Jen 2 replies 3,073 views
Can anyone tell me if there are any support services for stressed partners in the Sydney metro area? I really think my Dad would benefit from having someone caring but neutral to talk with to process his stress, to protect his own health, and to lessen the effects ...Read More
By Free 3 replies 3,395 views
Hello this is my first post and I applogise if this has been asked before. My friend is refusing to the anyone with her to get her diagnosis. She is convinced that the results of the pet scan are sinister. We all want to support her as she is convinced she is '...Read More
By brhta 3 replies 3,622 views
Hi all, This is my first post here. I didn't know where else to turn to talk about this and am glad I found this forum. I'm a single mum with two kids and have been dating a man for 8 months now. Whilst we do love each other, the relationship has always had challen...Read More
By Lowanna 2 replies 3,281 views
Hello to everyone, Four weeks ago my marriage changed in a heartbeat. It was 2am Valentine's morning when I was woken up to find my husband on the floor next to our bed having a seizure (a vision that doesn't leave me ).Prior to this my husband was healthy and fi...Read More
By belladonna67 3 replies 2,161 views
Hi my partner has secondary cancer in his lung and is on a trial of a new drug. All has been going well for him on the meds but lately he has become so negative about everything, he has always been quite a negative person but lately he has become so much worse and ...Read More
By GeeGee 0 replies 933 views
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