How do you continue working while caring for someone with cancer? Talk to others about managing multiple roles.
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My 71 year old dad has been diagnosed with mestatic melanoma in late Sept (3 brain tumors and has spread to lymph nodes) he's had radiation and about to start chemo Dr have said that he may only have months but cannot say for sure. I'm very torn at the moment cause...Read More
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I need your advice.  I feel so alone in some of the biggest decisions of my life.  I cannot continue working full-time and caring full-time.  My husband's doctor has told me to try to get my husband to tick off some of his bucket list now, as he will continue to de...Read More
By RachelP 1 reply 423 views
I have two teenage boys (17 & 15), and my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 germ cell testicular cancer at Easter 2016. He had BEP chemo at our local hospital and then TIP chemo with stem cell harvesting in Sydney. Now he is in hospital in Sydney having high dose ...Read More
By Bucknchooky 8 replies 1,816 views
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