Managing email subscriptions

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Managing email subscriptions

Hello all,


Email notifications for our Online Support Groups are set by default to a daily digest email.


This means that a single email will arrive once per day, usually around the later evening (9-10pm) containing anything that was posted within the group during that day.


If you post in a thread or start one, then you will get an email notification whenever someone posts a reply.


The above notifications are completely customisable, you may prefer to set it to a weekly digest for example. You can edit these at your leisure at any time from your profile settings.


  1. Click on your profile name (top-right of the screen on desktop and top on mobile).
  2. A side-panel should appear appear - choose My Subscriptions.



  3. Select Notification Settings from the tab options.


  4. You will then be able to toggle all settings for the Online Community to your hearts content 


If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message or an email at




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