Well that was day 1 of week 1 in the cycle. Have to say that it wasn't too bad during the process. But also have to say that it left me feeling very. very tired. So came home and had a sleep for a couple of hours. Am a little worried mind you, when I woke up I was feeling hot and so took my temp. It's up - 38.2! Not so good news for the first week. It's allowed to go up to 38.5 before I need to get worried so am monitoring it closely and keeping my fingers crossed. Last thing I want, now that I have made it into the trial, is to have something go wrong and get moved out of the trial Currently lots of will power being used. Take care all, Tim While there is a slight chance, there is a chance. While there is a chance,there is hope.
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Temperature peaked at 38.9 last night. Spoke with the oncology department this morning, apparently this is normal - they just tell don't people about it. This morning was back to 37.3.
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Hi Tim Well that's one down, how many more to go? I had to carry a card to get rapidly through triage at Emergency if my temperature remained over 38. I didn't need to use it because I used my Grandmother's method for lowering temperature - lie under damp towel and have a fan blowing on it, much more effective than boosting the air conditioner. With love Joy K
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Hi Joy, I have the card but it didn't help in any way what so ever last night. I asked about the chemo the other day, it's ongoing while it is making a difference. take care Tim
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