I guess its premmature to be on site such as this. I have no idea what to do at this point though. I apologize if its rude to post when I dont have a diganoses . But I am scared and I dont know what to do So I will take it from the begining.

 ABout 2.5 years ago my foot got really big and swollen and my lymph nodes in my neck were really swollen/ I thought that I was just eating too much salt, so I stopped eating salt and starting taking water pills. I thought everything was fine and the swelling would go away soon. Wrong. After about 3months of doing the same thing I decicedd that I should go the doctor. I went to the Doctor and they said that I had infetion and gave me an antibotic and sent me on my way. I took all the anitbotic and there was not a change.  At this time I was advancing my carrerr and didn't have much time in my day to go see a dr. I shrugged it off and more time went by. About a year and a half later I started getting really tired and the my lymph nodes in my neck were still there except there were more. I went to the doctor again and they kept my in the hosptial because my WBC  went to 16 and they said I had cellutis. I stayed in the hosptial for about 3 days and then they said my WBC werent coming down. At this point I knew I didn't have Cellulits and they didn't know what was wrong. I asked to leave and they let me but sent me on my way with antibotic and they said if my foot got bigger I would need to come back in. My foot got bigger and went back in. They gave two antibotics to take and that was that. I was so done with these waste of time appointments that I just gave up. We are now at 2.5 years later with my foot swollen but more symptoms than before. I get tired very easy, I have no energy other than what I fake . I am always hot espically at night and I have a very bad cough, my heart races quiet a bit and I am very queezy almost everytime I eat. I get dizzy alot and foot hurts sometimes. My lymph nodes in my neck are pretty big and I have one now growing on the left side and the back of my neck


  I went to Northwestern to see the Infectious disease doctor and she said its not an infection like so many before her thought.  She drew my blood and she said she was sure everything would turn out fine. I got my blood work back and her tone changed. My WBC went 23. She said I needed to see an Oncologist/Hemotolgist asap. I made an appointment for next week for that was the soonest I was able to get in and now my mind is racing. The infectious disease dr. dropped the words lymphoma. I am scared and I have no idea what to expect. I feel sicker everyday and I just try to smile and pretend that I am fine. But I think my will to pretend is slipping away and now I just want answers. I need answers. My body is fighting so hard to fight something and now it could be something big like this? My family is freaking out now and for good reason. I have to go to a Cancer center for testing


What do I even expect with an appointment like this? When will I have my answers?

My appointment is Tuesday the 10th of July. I should know more then. I hope.

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