Hello and morning as I prepare for another days work. Blood test result the first of maybe 3 has a satisfying result in that the PSA level has slowly declined to 2.3. Yes it has been a while since I have been at that level and although I seriously doubt I will ever get below 1.5 I am happy with the progress without the added hassles of hormone treatment. Yes I did mention work but due to Australia and the declining resources industry along with the every increasing daily costs of living I had to get a job but it is not in Australia. So I have some income finally after 3 years of utter stress battling the cancer, suicidal thoughts and Centrelink whom have never found a reason to pay me a benefit. It has been a very stressful 3 years for both myself and my partner no thanks to the Australian Government. I have nothing good to say about Centrelink.
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