Today has been absolutely superb. Thank the good Lord for my family who have come to Qld to stay with me as long as I need them to. My brother and sister in law really are angels of the purest kind. On May the 15th 2011 my partner passed away very, very, unexpectedly from a brain bleed as my family was in transit to Qld. How does one thank a sister in law who cooks my every whim ( namely vegetables ) with a happy heart, waits on me and watches over me to make sure my every need is met, meds are taken, wrapping pic lines and bathing elbows. Cleaning and washing, shopping, Even tending to my red heeler and his meals. My brother Bob is helping sort through the mountain of accumalted household collection of 50 years. Being diagnosed with esophageal cancer last September and was told 6mths sounded like a good number to finish on. Well Drs. I am still here and still avidly researching how to build a strong power house healthy immune system. I am about to start my second round of chemo although I cn't really see where the 2nd round starts as my regime is classed as continuous. One day the drip then take home tablets for 21 days no break in between. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining just sharing my treatment with you. Is anyone else here on this plan? Just about lost the last few wisps of my hair as my posty delivered my pretty little new chemo hats. Even bought a lovely pink night cap edged with pink lace... sweet. Side effects are minimal woo-hoo! The only inconvenience are swollen legs but of course we have drugs for that also. Drinking plenty of green tea and filling up on antioxidents so that I can pass the poison out as quick as it goes in. Pushing past my barriers and posting my first private blog post I do feel a little liberated in having done so. Not use to sharing about myself but after reading your posts and how your hearts have opened to others plights has inspired me to do so as well, thank you.
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