Dear All, Sorry we have not been blogging lately, we have been very busy helping Josh get along in his quest for a healthy fulfilling life!! :) But... We do have some great news to lift the spirits of you all. Josh was meant to have Intra Ocular Chemo last week, the first one in Australia. Joshua's Opthalmic Surgeon used the Ret-Cam to take photos to see how the tumors were responding to his normal rounds of chemo. To his, and our amazement.... The tumors have decreased by 75% in size. This has been the result of 4 rounds of chemo. 3 days a week for 4 months. Now... The oncologist and opthalmic surgeon suggest 2 more rounds of chemo, and they believe, everything should be well after this, keeping in mind, we just want to keep Josh's only eye he has left. Mum and Josh will have a visit to Oncology this Wednesday, and the following week, we have chemo again.... All to make lil' Josh better :) We all hope everyone is doing well, and always keeping a smile on your faces :) Bless you all :) Lots of Love from, The Johansen Family xxx
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