The sky outside is full of grey clouds but it is still a beautiful day to me... I got my results from my Mammo/Ultrasound tests... all clear. Going out to dinner to celebrate with my hubby 🙂
Great News, all clear! Congratulations! Definitely a time to celebrate. Cheers Sailor Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air… Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Great news! Bet that put a spring in your step today! Enjoy your weekend! Luv Barbe xo
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Hey Reindeer Great result for you indeed, hope you enjoy your night out celebrating! Julie
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Hi Reindeer, Im so happy for you !!! Congratulations, I hope you celebrated heaps.......
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Congratulations. Keep up the good work.
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Hello Barbe, Bev, Jules2, Sham and Sailor, Thank you so much for your good wishes on my test results. Yes I did enjoy my celebration.. I couldn't ask for anything more.. dinner by the sea.... great company .. Lobster Mornay (Yummy). I hope that you also enjoy good news along your paths. Reindeer xxoo P.S. Your ending quote was wonderful, Sailor.
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