Last evening a series of spontaneous happenings led to a wonderful yet unplanned celebration of our Wedding Anniversary. My husband and I used to dance before I was diagnosed with cancer. Last week my husband bumped into an old friend from dance class resulting in an invite to go dancing. We thought… why not… lets go dancing on our anniversary. It turned out the dancing happened to be at the same venue that we first met. On Friday I received an email from another friend, I mentioned about going dancing and asked if they would like to join us. We decided to go out for dinner beforehand at a little Thai restaurant. We didn’t mention that it was our anniversary to our friends. During our meal, the restaurant was playing background music. Suddenly, I stopped and listened, the music was very familiar to me, it was “Canon in G” . The beautiful music I had walked down the aisle to. Coincidence or not? …. never before had I heard this type of music being played in a Thai restaurant. I looked to my husband and said “Remember this music”, he listened and said “ I remember it well from 4yrs ago”. Our friends looked a little puzzled, one smiled and said “It’s your wedding anniversary”. We raised our glasses of delicious “Mock Cocktails” and toasted to our anniversary and reminisced about the day, a day they had also shared with us. Our friends then insisted that the meal was on them, we protested but they wouldn’t have a bar of it. We then went dancing and met up with friends we hadn’t seen for years. We rediscovered the sheer joy of dancing. I laughed and giggled as we tried to remember how to dance. Through my giggles I saw my husband smiling and saying…. “Your not supposed to lead”… I responded …”Well, how else will I know what to do next…...I’ve forgotten the leads I’m supposed to follow”. It was a wonderful night, we thoroughly enjoyed, however today I am feeling twinges in muscles that I didn’t know existed before :-) Reindeer
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