On Tuesday 28th September last, it would have been my youngest daughter's 42nd birthday. She died of Ovarian Cancer on Jan 1 2002. My daughter Sarah was a vibrant and high spirited soul, had several nieces and nephews, one of whom had a very close bond with her. My grand-daughter is now 17, but was only 8 when Sarah died, posted this message on her Facebook page, the day it would have been Sarah's birthday. I thought it was beautiful, and a message to surviving families who have been devastated by this disease. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ just wanted to share my thoughts with the people that loved Sarah. Wish her a Happy Birthday and keep her memory alive. I didn't know it was her birthday today when I wrote this by the way and I wrote it after reading a few short stories she wrote as a kid. Anyway... here it goes. "Please come back. Please come back. Please come back." I whispered as I clutched one of the few trinkets she left behind. I am afraid to forget you, I would hate to be blind. You said to be forgotten was your worst fear, So please my love, "Live on with me here". Our spirits can dance forever in my heart, We'll waltz and twirl and skip and never be apart. When you left me, all of the lights went out, Please forgive me but I was but a child lost in the dark, But! I will carry you Sarah, Your memory in mine, I hope and pray that we'll meet again when it is my time. I know you'll never come back, And I shouldn't waste my breath, But I will still find you, In everything you left For letting your memory slip - I'm so sorry, I'll keep you alive Sar - don't you worry. Sarah... I can't wait to fly with you my love, Soaring above the clouds in heaven - A white dove. I'm exhausted now. I must have missed you. ♥ you
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