Friends..... We all have them...... We all need them..... A friend for a reason... A friend for a season..... The season is about to change, the leaves have turned the glorious colours of autumn and winter is only a few days away...... Winter... The cold mornings, the miserable, wet and windy grey days....darkness comes earlier. It's natural to feel "grey". I'm feeling grey. In three days time it will be the third anniversary of the passing of my darling husband and the loving father of our two gorgeous boys. We miss him so much, every day. And I still remember vividly, his last three weeks.....his birthday was/is the end of April and from that date to the end of May, I find it exceptionally difficult....1000 more times than "my new normal" I need my friends. I gave some friends "notice" of this difficult period back at the beginning of the month, hoping that it would help them to realise that I would be more sensitive/ emotional than usual........... Well fat lot of good that did..... Barely a day has gone past where they haven't made a comment about how hard their life is, how tired they are, how their husband doesn't help with the children or the chores, how their husband didn't buy them a Mother's Day gift or make them breakfast. I know that those are issues that are important in their lives........... It would just be nice if they could keep those comments to themselves instead of sharing them with me when the absence, the pain of losing a husband and father is so heightened. Over sensitive me?? - sure. Insensitive friend/s ?? Is this a friend for a season that is ending????
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