Yes, I have had cancer but have some exciting news to share. Our eldest daughter is expecting triplet boys, they are due in November and our other daughter is getting married next May.
Congrats! 2 very exciting pieces of news for you and your family. WOW! triplets :0 she may need alittle help form mum and dad with that :) Wishing you the very best.
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Hi Bev, That is awesome!! It looks like you are in for a big year. Congrats!! Samex xx
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Hi Bev, Congrats!!! Triplets, how exciting, three times the fun, three times the love and kisses, Congrats to your other daughter getting married next May , My brother got married 3 weeks ago to a lovely gal, it was a great distraction to take my mind of things, Congrats again, i bet your thrilled 🙂
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