And haven't we come a long way in the last 3 weeks! Erik has gone from sleeping 2 - 3 hrs per night to getting the pain management sorted out and sleeping up to 10 hrs at night! What a contrast. We have changed his meds twice in an effort to stop a stuttering that has developed as a side effect to one of the meds. We still don't know which one - but suspect the Lyrica. He is starting to feel quite tired regardless of whether or not he has had a full nights sleep and is realising his limitations now at last. We finally got to see the pain management specialist for the 1st time this occurrence - who advises the pain is caused not from the cancer (what the oncologist told us to!) but from previous surgeries to remove previous tumours in the sacrum. There are damaged nerves and degenerated spinal bone tissue that is causing the pain! It just happened to be cooincidental that the pain started once we found out Erik had cancer! This journey is becoming clearer as we progress. I am hoping that he will become pain free and regain his energy at some stage after the radiation has finished so that we can share some 'normal' time together again to, before the lungs start to show symptoms. Hopefully they won't - I can live in eternal hope can't I.
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