My brother is 33 years  old and he is in the Philippines.  He has Stage III squamous cell carcinoma ( Mouth cancer). It was on his left face, he underwent surgery, but he is not able to take food in via his mouth due to the nature of the surgery. They are feeding him  through NGT tube. 

The patient went through first chemotherapy session and two weeks of radiation therapy. But He vomited all through with diarrhoea and the health professional have not managed the side effects well. The tumor has not metastasis. The brother, doesn't want to complete the chemotherapy and radiation therapy because  he lost about 48 kg already. He was 90, but now he is 42 and he doesn't want to lose anymore weight.  We moved him from a private hospital to another hospital to get second opinion, but the health professionals still aren't helping him, they are not even paying attention to my brother's needs. Now we have used all our funds and exhausted. We are from PNG. 

If we have money, we would have moved him to another country for management. But we can't so now we are reaching out to seek advice from people who have taken alternative cancer treatment. 

Has anyone in the community here used any other form of cancer treatment, a part from radiation or chemotherapy? I've heard of high doses of Vitamin C IV, has anyone tried that? 

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Yes I have lived in an integrative medical facility in Germany and tried all alternative treatments. But there are places here now. For example Olivia Newton John does work in this area and there are others in Melbourne. But I have a lot of information on alternative therapies. You can look at my story in brief in my bio. Let me know if I can help.

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Hello Angie

There are doctors, thank God, who are Integrated Functional Medical practitioners. Suggest you google for PNG, and for Philippines. Traditional Western Medicine is backward in my considered opinion. It's a one-size fits all for every disease and does not address the causes. Google, don't give up, pray. You might like to look for a qualified and registered Naturopath where you are or in the Phillipines (degree qualified). They can work with a Traditional Western Medicine doctors - of course, if the doctors have an open mind. Do not give up.

Please watch this video and listen carefully to Dr Li and pomegranite juice (take cranberry if you cannot get pomegranite). He is a cardiologist and now Integrated Functional Medicine practitioner.


Best wishes


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