Hi Everyone, I dont come on here much now, but Id like to share something with you all. I go to Radiotherapy every day at the moment (ends next week thank god, not because of the treatment but more because of the travelling). I meet all kinds of people, ages and different types of cancers being treated, and Ive noticed one thing....they are all lovely, we all speak of our different illnesses and how they are treated, and we deal with them...even crack a few jokes. We all have the same common affliction....cancer. The odd partner comes in with a person and sits and waits, and thats cool because I sit and chat to them too! All these lovely people are highly POSITIVE and dont dwell on whats become them but chat about what they are up to after treatment. We are not sitting around waiting for the funeral home, we dont sit there and want pity or sympathy, in fact, we are very strong!!! I have heaps of fellow Radio patients in women with breast cancer, been through chemo and doing Radiotherapy, even one lovely lady who was getting double whammys and sooo sore but still had the courage to continue treatment as she was nearly at the end of it. That is positivity, that is strength and courage, cancer is a diagnosis, not a sentence!!! To all who newly diagnosed, DONT GIVE UP, dont think you are different, you can beat this, and I know YOU WILL! Hugs to all. Leesa
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