Hi Everyone!! Just wanted to let you all know... Josh has been pretty sick the past few weeks, hence the reason we have been absent from the site. Josh has had reactions to Carboplatin, and now, again, has no hair. He has had joint pain in his right arm and wrist, and has also had a fever of above 39 degrees (poor little guy)... The Carboplatin gives Josh large welts on his body, especially on his head. If he gets itchy, and scratches, a big white lump appears on his skin, it looks like a large mozzie bite. Tomorrow (Friday) we're back to Oncology at Westmead Childrens for a check up. Josh may need a Platelet transfusion. His current levels are 27, but usually are well over 100. Last week he almost needed a blood transfusion, because his Haemoglobin Levels were quite low. We have chemo either next week or the week after again, and Josh is in for an EUA on wednesday, to see if chemo is working on the Tumors in the gel sac of the eye, as he has Vitreous Seeding. Hopefully, all goes well with this, and there has been a sufficient end to the growth of the tumors. Its great to see that there are more members on the site, its fantastic tohave a great support network. Thankyou all, and best wishes with every one of you. Love from The Johansen Family xx =]
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