Been away for a few days. Had the right supraclavicular lymph node removed under a general anasthetic on thursday. Was quite nervous before surgery so they gave me something to relax me. They couldnt get the needle in to my hand as my veins were trying to avoid it, hate needles 🙂 Being under was great, went to sleep with a smile on my face for a change! Woke up from the operation and had an anxiety attack. Fiance took me back to her place for the night, I felt pretty good so I cooked us all dinner. Stayed there longer than I expected. She had to go in for a procedure the next day so I looked after her for a few days as well. We just hung out together, watched tv, slept, and slept some more. The pain is average and im managing i just cant seem to keep any food down. Surely its not still the after effects of the drugs. Am going to give nurse on call a ring and see what they say. I like my food too much for this to be happening to me 🙂
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