Hi its a long time since my last blog as things were staying the same but now things have changed.. Daz went to the hospital today and I wish I had of gone with him. His blood pressure is very high and I would have liked to hear what the doctor told him to do about it. He often doesn't tell me everything and prefers to not know test results and things. Not sure why but he says it makes no difference knowing results. When I asked why he told me he is worried they are bad news. I don't understand why he doesn't want to know, I know I want to and would if it was me who had cancer, even the bad news. He is still smoking, I wish he would try to quit again. I know he wants to but he thinks its to hard. I tell him it would soon get easier if he could only stop for a couple of weeks. He has been so grumpy and depressed lately as well. Makes me angry and upset with him because he takes it out on me a fair bit.
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