PSA today is 4.4 same level as a year ago after the biopsy was carried out. Dropping slowly and Doctor is happy with it. Whereas I would like to see it well below 2.0. so it's all too slow for me to accept remission is here. Weight loss to date is 10 kilos for no apparent reason. Blood tests were clear on anything abnormal. Have not bothered to buy new clothes so jeans look too big and I have progressed to a smaller belt and already gone down 3 holes sizes in that belt. I think the weight loss has stopped though as 74 kilos has been my weight for the last 3 weeks now. Probably due to the continuing stress of unemployment and no benefits from Centrelink. Depression is going to rear it's ugly head again as I am due to have another attempt at Centrelink this week and that only makes it worse when they say no. Getting close to 3 years and no job.
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