In the year, 2000, I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate and in my mind, death was certain. Well, I suppose it is, but much later. I have gone through radiation, hormone therapy and now that it has spread, chemo. But I am not the only one am I? Kids are suffering alas are a lot of adults. For me, I just had to remain positive and 12 years later, I'm still here, ready for chemo. I find that te non worry approach is working- for me. I have since experienced depression and given the two experiences, I decided to write a book to help others through he ordeal. I'll post the link next time. You have to understand that I am. Procrastinator. If you want to search, type 'Men don't talk about'. To those who have not done anything about either depression or suspected cancer, don't wait, do something about it. Cancer is not a death sentence and depression does not have to be endured.
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tell me more about your book. H
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Your book ought to be a great help to many men . I hope so .
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Hi, It is a well known fact that men do not talk about health issues, particularly prostate issues or Depression. So what do they do? They suffer and, maybe, die prematurely. I met a man this week end who was diagnosed with Cancer of the prostate recently. He is seventy and if he had gone to the doctor about his urine problems four years earlier, he wouldn't be in the predicament he is in. He is dying and has about six months. Sad? too right. How many men are like this? I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate 12 years ago. I was 55 years old. The cancer has returned twice since and now I need chemo, but hey, I'll live. I also suffered from Depression which developed to the chronic stage, but I got through it. That is why I wrote the book, "Men Don't Talk about..." to encourage men to go and speak with their doctor if they have any urinating problems, or if they suffer from depression. I disclose all of my deepest worries and explain the diseases in layman terns so that 'what lies ahead' is easy to understand. The man I mentioned above left his run too late. How many men die from the disease when in truth, they don't need to. How many suffer deep depression when they don't need to? And why? All because they don't believe that they have a problem, or, don't want to know the truth. Who wants to talk about depression anyway? And so it goes on while many men suffer.
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