Hi again everyone, Aaah, the day before Chemo and Radium - are we all the same in feeling like "Yay - today is a pretty good day as I'm over most of the awful side effects, but geez, it all starts again tomorrow, so should I even bother feeling happy at all?!!" ? I know that's how I usually fell on Tuesdays, as Wednesdays are my treatment days. This week in isolation and getting a platelet transfusion as well. Just awesome. But - A BIG thankyou to any of you who have ever donated blood/plasma/platelets - it might just be yours I get tomorrow! Anyway, I don't know if anyone else on here uses caringbridge - it's not a support group or forum like this wonderful site, but it's a free site where you can blog about yourself or another loved one going through a tough time due to illness etc. I started one for my daughter when she was born at 27 weeks, and recently started one for myself. If you're interested in checking it out, just message me and i'll forward the link on. The url for the site itself is: http://www.caringbridge.org It really is a wonderful site, not as supportive as this one obviously, but it's easier than telling every single person you know one by one what's going on with your life!! Take care and enjoy your day the best you can! Joanna xo
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