I wasnt going to write a blog today but now im quite upset and need to get it off my chest. I have been studying for a 3,000 word Bus Law assignment which i have had to put off for a couple of days because Mums not coping very well. I also have two test next week for Accounting and Economics which i have also neglected. I have helped set up a blog on here for her, people want to speak to her and she seems interested - but everytime i try to get Mum on the computer, she doesnt want to do it. Mum is complaining alot of pain lately, but she is on stronger medication than ozzy osbourne! Right now she is lying on the couch, depressed and sore and i dont know what to do. I know there is at least one beautiful lady on here who is wanting to speak to her maybe more. I know that by hearing there stories it will help, just like it has helped me. Writing this stupid blog helps me! Why wont she get the extra support.........Im staying strong but inside im rageing, its difficult with no mates, no family and especially no mum (most of the time). I WANT MY MUM BACK !!!!!!!!
Hey there! I hear you about the person who lies on the couch.......my husband has been in bed for 9 days straight...only getting out to go to the hospital for his radiotherapy,then straight home to bed. He barely eats, barely speaks, barely even looks in his kid's direction. They have both been sick this week with tonsillitis and Middle ear infections, and they need him....but he is on so many drugs and in so much pain, he is barely functioning. I plead, beg, cajole, wheedle, order, complain that he should go to our local hospital so they can feed him up and get his pain stabilised, but he just wants to 'ride it out'. Um- sorry darling but you have been 'riding it out' for weeks now- it ain't working! Can we try my way now please? But alas..... We can only lead the horse to water, we can not make it drink! I totally want my husband and best friend back! I am sick of making all the decisions, dealing with all the mail, dealing with centrelink( don't get me started!), calling his family with updates about his condition.....So sick of cancer it is ridiculous! It is a hateful, non-discriminating waste of human existence- why can't we find a cure? or a prevention? Unfortunately it is hard to see beyond pain.....and even the strongest people falter when hurting.... Just know that I hear you! PA
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Thank you for your kind words and i completely agree with you. You have sumed it up perfectly!
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