With Colin having chemo it has been rather distressing to all of us. It was every 3 weeks starting last May where I was in WA which is a long time to be patient. It was my son's birthday on the 11th of Nov and I said to Colin what can we do for Stuart's birthday? It wasn't taken care off as he didn't hear me. I asked again on Monday and the same happened again. So when Tuesday came Colin didn't know what was going on. He asked me what is going on and I said to Colin that we are going out for Stuart's birthday. What a negative celebration but we had a good time in a café for an hour. Then I wish I could find someone to help me with the mastectomy where I am having trouble with my flat chest, having a shower, knowing that I had 2 lots of surgery which reminds me every day, one breasted, lob sided etc. This is serious with me as every one seems to go with only the physical part of it. I don't like this at all as it is hurtful. The physical part of it is that I am cancer free, 98% cure, lucky to be here, and people only go on this info that doesn't help me as they sweep it under the carpet. I have been hurt and angry over the mastectomy and with the emotions I wish someone would step in and help me and don't go only by the physical side of it. Glenys.
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