I have been lax but there's not been any difference in procedure's apart from change in appointment times which tends to upset the bodies rhythm somewhat. Still there's only 27 treatments to go and with Easter coming up to give another break but thinking I'll not bother to go anywhere not even back home as the effort of 3 to 4 hours of bodily functions get's to be a pain in the butt after a while in more ways than one. Wish public transport around town had toilets which is another thing which puts one off getting out of hospital environment for a break. The need to figure out where the public toilet is located is at some stage important and I did notice that Centrelink did not have any public toilet when I had to visit that umm shop. Still nothing resolved with them either and its been 3 months for this attempt at getting anything out of them. Some days I wonder why do I bother with them but being unemployable in other words over 50 years old, over qualified and living 600kms away from a major city. Oh well 6 weeks more of being away from home but then what?
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