2 Treatments to go and at 12:30 Tuesday 5th May otherwise known as cinco de mayo, I am heading out the front door of this hospital and going home for the first time in close to 2 months now. Appointment and blood tests for after the 6 week rest have been made and so the day before my next birthday I am back for what should be a 3 minute talk with the Professor then back home the next day. Today's session I noticed my appointment time got changed 5 times and I still ended up waiting for my usual time period of 12:30 before I get zapped. After a while you get to know when bladder if full enough and sit quietly watching everyone else as they head in before you knowing damn well you are the last for the morning's session. But my ice cream which I had sitting in my bag did not melt in the 2 hours it had to wait in there. Oh joy chocolate ice cream and Greek yogurt after dinner whatever dinner is as I have not bothered to give that any thought.
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