In the last month we have found out our step Dad has cancer, despite him being sick the shock of finding out firstly that he has a cancerous tumor on his windpipe to now finding out the cancer has spread to his shoulders back and spine has knocked us all for a 6. The doctor has been fantastic and is sending off a biopsy to see whether he is suitable for a treatment out of the US and well we are clinging to that hope. I think the hardest thing about this is just taking one day at a time instead of thinking ahead too much. We are all dealing with it differently and I feel I need to talk about it but dont want to upset anyone by bringing it up. Its literally eating me up inside and I guess the lack of control we all have to "fix it" is probably the hardest to deal with as we are a family that binds together to help each other and I dont think we know where to start right now. Anyway I need a place where I can offload my feelings daily or weekly otherwise i think it will send me crazy.
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