would not have anymore headaches after my first chemo  ( R-CHOP ) I had my 5th chemo 10 days ago.. my pain meds strength was increased. Oxytocin,  My headaches are progressively getting worse, vomiting has started which I did not suffer with from chemo fortunately.  I get dizzy, of Balance at times absolutely no energy, the itching had before treatment has returned,  I have other side effects from the chemo but I don't think these headaches and dizziness getting worse is chemo related.  I've mentioned this to my specialist along with me saying I feel something is wrong aside from what we already know...  My MRI and CT scans are clear my bloods are ok so I understand it's difficult for him to.

 I have one more chemo to go then radiation, I am now pretty much house bound due to these headaches and dizzy spells... I'm 42 worked full time now just blahhh 

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear from you.

Sorry if it was a negative post I just needed to put it out there as friends who I love just can't understand as much as they want to 😀


  Wishing everyone every success with treatmemts and future's 

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