Hello all, I've been reading people's posts about the caring role of a partner. There is such a helpless/powerless feeling as daily one seeks to understand what may be incomprehensible. How does one not become a 'nagging wife' when you worry? The stress from the diagnosis, to the surgery, and the complications following has been horrendous... Is there a feeling too that for people who are well meaning that they just might not understand that tears and fear are a natural reaction to the trauma of coping with the BIG "C". Sorry, I hope this might make sense...I've become so superstitious these days, not wanting to wear anything black, or to be secure in saying that we can move forward...Hearing one more time, the phrase to 'Stay positive' is a hard one. Is it a process of banning any negative thought as it enters; is it okay to cry in one's private moments? Hey, I've recently joined and I certain appreciate sharing of your insights. Take care and all the best to you and yours....
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