Hi All, It is with sadness that I need to let you know about the death of one of our community members, Vinouche. Vinouche was a member of one of our online groups, “Ongoing”, as well as a frequent contributor to both forums and blogs on this site. From my contact with Vinouche, I know that she appreciated the warmth and support that was extended to her from this community a great deal, particularly during times when she was feeling alone. This support helped her feel more connected, allowing her to explore her thoughts, experiences and feelings with people who understood. I also know that Vinouche supported and encouraged many of you along the way. It can be confronting when someone you know who has cancer dies. If you feel you would like greater support at this time, we would encourage you to make use of the Cancer Council Helpline, 13 11 20 (within Australia). I would also welcome you to share your thoughts, feelings & memories with each other here on Cancer Connections. I am sorry to be sharing such sad news with you all. I know that Vinouche felt well supported by the people in this community. She will be indeed missed. Warm Regards, Kate Wakelin Program Manager, Telephone & Internet Support Groups, Cancer Council Victoria & Cancer Connections Administration Team Member
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Hi Kate Thank you for letting us know. I felt very sad on reading of vinouche's passing and hope that her family are travelling ok as possible in this difficult time for them. I have just reread some of the interaction that I had with vinouche and I am glad I was able to chat to vinouche and discuss some of the issues we all face. Glad that vinouche was able to give me input. We can give one another support in a very unique way and for that I am thankful. Thank you again, Kate. Warm Regards Julie
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Thank you Kate. It is a tough thing to have to do. While we are "only" cyber friends, I do believe that we do form, as Kate says, a community of sorts. Vinouche always showed such courage and was often sharing that courage with others in our cyber community. Once again the reality hits. Once again, the sadness. Samex
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I was saddened to hear about Vinouche. My heart goes out to her family and friends. The conversations I shared with Vinouche showed her to be a very caring and wise person, much in love with her family. I was glad that she had been able to return to NZ to share time with her friends. I will miss her warm words and kind heart. Warm Regards, Reindeer xx
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Thank you for letting us know. my thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time. Warm regards to them all Linda
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