Hello, I am writing in fear of unkown outlook for my wife who was diagnosed 5 weeks ago, have just started chemo. We have 2 daughters who I feel they need my wife more than they need me in the future. Have not been given comforting comments from some specialists which is now causing me to get angry. So many sites, so many options I am very overwhelmed in trying to find help for my beautifiul wife. Gazman.
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Hi Gazman I'm happy to read what you want to say and reply to you like this. I also know that the Cancer Council can give you and your family really good information. There's a number at the top of the page. I know what you mean about it making you angry! You obviously love your daughters as well as your wife, so give them a hug and try to enjoy the moments in between all the appontments, tests, waiting, explaining...it's almost a full time job, isn't it. I reckon you and your daughters can really help each other right now.
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Hi Gazman It is hard to absorb everything. We are up tp treatment 6 and next treatment have to have cancer markers done to see how the chemo is going. There are a couple of things I have learnt along the way. Keep asking questions until you are clear on what your options are and understand your treatment program. I downloaded the Cancer Councils pamphlet that helps explain things to the kids. It was great. Talk to each other. And use any support you are offered. My husband is the one with the cancer but it is something the whole family goes through. Take strength from each other. Hope what I have learnt so far can help you as well.
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Larn, thank you for your comments. I will seek help from others who have been before me.
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