Hi all My husband was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in March and is currently halfway through his chemotherapy program. I have been feeling quite isolated as my family are all elsewhere except for my mother and we have a strained relatonship at best. I have three children who are each handling things differently and it seems noone is actually handling anything particularly well. I have always been the glue and am not feeling that strong myself at present. I would really like to connect with other carers and also like to talk to anyone going through the nightmare of cancer as it would be handy to hear all aspects of the journey. I keep hearing keep positive over and over again and now feel guilty for having 'down' times. Is this normail? My husband does not discuss feelings and abhorrs any sign of what he considers weakness so any discussion about his illness is made into a joke or brushed aside. I think he may need to concentrate soully on his cancer to cope with the things that are happening to him. He has also had to have an ileostomy. At 46 he has always been so fit and active, and the inactivity has made him nasty towards the children. I am not sure what to do as I am the meat in the sandwich and can understand he is feeling scared and frustrated. But of course I cant allow this to happen either, Has anyone else come across this kind of thing? I cant talk to my friends as they just think I am mean complaining when he has cancer but it is tearing our family apart. Am I being unreasonable? Can anyone help? I apologise if this is bringing anyone down. I am usually the queen of positivity. Sorry guys. Larn75
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