In August 2008 I was told I had cervical cancer the needed a type of hysterectomy that would cure me of this. In going for tests to see which of the four types would help they found a tumor. So instead of an easy solution it is now going to take surgery and radiation and chemotherapy. Holly cow is all I thought. Well into surgery I went, it went well. They took a lot of lymph nodes from my groin leaving me with lymphodema in both legs. Straight into menopause. Not the best out come but okay I thought. Little over four weeks later in to eight weeks of chemo every Tuesday and radiation every day. Lost all my hair not that it worried me it would grow back. Got a good report after it was all done. Four month later went back to work got the the three year mark feeling pretty good then went to my local gp to check on a mole on the top of my ear. Off it had to come, then Christmas eve got told I had a level four malignant melanoma and need more surgery to see what it was about so there goes working for a while. House payment in trouble again. Anyway had surgery they took more lump nodes from my neck so now have lymphodema of the neck. But a good out come has not spread that they could see. Now to get to the point of my story after all that my husband chooses now to leave.... I feel even though I have been through so much this hurts more. He has left me at my darkest hour and tells me he can not handle me since all the cancer is to stressful. I lost my best friend in january to cancer ,I just wont to sit in the corner and cry but have two children to look after. Why now?????
im so sorry to hear this how awful! you have been through so much i cant imagine.. your husband seems cowardly for leaving you in a time of need... i am supporting my fiance with terminal cancer and couldnt imagine leaving him right now.. although its such a stressful time and i suppose everyone handles things differently... im sure he will realize how selfish he is being and come back.. i is a shitty time but i as a carer realize its not about me.. its about my partner and making him as happy as can be.. im here if you need to chat, i hope you start feeling a bit better soon take care xoxo
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oh Lizzie, Im so sorrry you have to deal with your disease and then have to deal with the loss of support from someone you thought would be there for you. Some people just are weak hey, they just cant endure whats going on, whether they are just not strong or whether they cant stand to see their loved one suffering....I dont know. I know my partner is very strong, (hes had to deal with my 2 ops, radiotherapy, my loss of income due to my sale of business). Anytime you want to message me, you feel free to, I cant help with your heart break, but you know something? The Universe works in very mysterious ways, and Im sure that what happens now, you will be gifted later, your right to feel cheated, just believe! Theres something awesome for you to come! Beautylee
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He has told me all the time that is no fun sitting on the side line watching and knowing there is nothing he can do to help but it seems he took the easy way out. I still contact him and he still tell me he loves me all the time. He just needs time out and I am wondering how much time out does he need. If I give him to much will he never come back. I have had to watch my best friend fight cancer and loss her battle so I do understand what sitting on the side lines feels like. Thank you for your support it is wonderful. I do not get a lot of time to get on here but a message every now and then to let off steam is wonderful. Thank you Beautylee
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it is amazing how just a note to say i feel for you has made my week with everything else I have to do just sitting here and reading your reply has had a massive impack on me. Thank you. He phoned me the other day and just told me he still loves me but just needs a little time out. I am not to sure what a little is but I am hoping that it is not for to long and I am trying not to sit in a corner and worry about it. But going to bed at night is the hardest. He is supose to be there and he isn't. Thank you once again just seeing that people understand and are there for me might carry me through this tough time. Thankyou....
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