Hey everyone :))) I have been diagnosed with stg 2 oigioastrocytoma 2 weeks ago and just finished cycle one of oral chemo with success. I have 4 tumors that are infiltrative and are inoperable. Can t do radiation because it would be whole brain radiation. :((( Im hoping i have positive results with the chemo i'll be on for up to 12-18 mos. Anyone have the same type of tumor as me, and what treatment are you currently on ?
Hi My husband has stage 3 astrocytoma which is similar to yours. He has one large mass, in the centre of the thalamus going into the brain stem so also cannot be operated on. He has completed radiation (6 weeks) with no success, and cannot do anymore. And has just finished his 3rd round of temodal like yourself. We have a scan in 8 days to see if there has been any change. How are you feeling? Mel
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Hi, I was diagnosed with GBM (astrocytoma IV). Different to your tumour. I have been on Temozolomide (Temodal). I had a craniotomy where they removed (well most of it) a 4-5cm tumour. Then 6 weeks Chemo and Rad. Now up to 3 month of chemo (5 days every 23). Side effects are not too bad as long as I take my anti-nausea tabs. Chemo has shattered my bloods, platelets and neutrophils(?spelling)falling, so get pretty tired. Have also had hives and mouth ulcers. Note your post March......hope you are doing well. Sending you positive thoughts.
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