Whilst i live in the generation of Y, i have never used a blog before! I was a little worried and sceptical at first but realised there was alot that i needed to say about my experiences and how im dealing and coping with my mothers ongoing illnesses; all by myself! I'm also hoping to shed some light on things for others that are in the same situation as me. I was only 14-15 yrs old when mum was diagnosed with breast cancer - lets just say i didnt take it very well. Consequently, i developed my own problems at an early age. Thankfully though Mum recovered fully after a full mastectomy and extensive chemo and for 7 years we thought she had survived cancer, until March 2009 when we received the news that she now had another primary cancer of the throat. I was 22 years old when this diagnosis was made; and studying my Business Degree at university. I had to prepare myself for this experience all over again, not knowing what to expect. This cancer was worst than the last - was i going to lose my mum, the only person i had? I became scared, depressed and fearful; it was hard and is hard for me to deal with things sometimes. I mourn for my mothers voice so much :-( Mum was unfairly dismissed since returning to work after the operation in July this year. Things for her just keep getting worse and worse. If i could give her the world i would - i wish i could. Im so sorry this has happened to you, i love you so much xxxxxx You are my inspiration beautiful lady. Keep fighting and never give up, i need you to much ok
gosh u have been thru a lot! it is hard at a young age i know how u feel.. but u have to look at what uve been thru and think that- uve been thru it and survived no matter how painful it is.. do u talk to ur friends about it? find as much support as u can... ur mum survived cancer for seven years thats a long time! the workforce can be an awful place.. my work hardly understands what im going thru, some people dont even bother to ask me how im going... best of luck xo
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Thanks Maddy, its hard to think about how far youve come when youve got a whole road of shit to go true! lol - i dont have many friends, and the ones i do have dont come over much anymore. This is the only place i can let go, and tell people what im feeling.
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