Hi, Had my first folfox treatment last week. It seemed to be going well up until today.The side effects that I had experienced (so far) had been not overly great. Today though, I woke and felt like that every ounce of energy had been suck out out of my body. I was not a pleasant experience I can tell you. I slept all night (first time in a while) and have had about 6 hours more sleep during during the day. But am still exhausted. Everytime I get up to do something, I need to sit down and rest. Guessing, this chemo is going to knock me about more than what I had hoped. Just hope that it doesn't last for too many days and that my energy returns at least a little. cheers Tim
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Hi Tim, Try not to take on too much, plan your day around the lack of energy you are feeling, and keep the more involved tasks for when the treatment is leaving your system. Think of the folfox as a good thing that is reducing lesion size. My wife would have the chemo every 2 weeks, on monday, and feel tired for a few days and then have more energy from about thursday. So out of the fortnightly cycles, three quarters of the time she felt she could get on with things. Good luck wombat4
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