We had our scheduled appointment with oncologist today - He was concerned with the deterioration of my husbands leg and arm & has arranged an MRI for Tuesday , we will then see him Wednesday. He does have a concern something may be there so has put chemo on hold (we have had inital 1 month dose followed by 1 week out of every month for 6) till we know more. If there is further tumour, we are eligible for a drug trial that starts next Thursday - timing hey ! May be nothing but would rather know & MRI is only answer - certainly have become frequent flyers at that place ! We are all handling it well (cant waste worry on a what-if at the moment) but would obviously like to fast forward to Wednesday
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lets hope for all our sakes this is the miracle we have been waiting for!!
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Let's hope - excuse expression but a bitch of a disease ! Will get results of our MRI today - everyone anxious
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We met with oncologist today following the MRI yesterday. It would appear that there is still an area of concern, but that remains unchanged since previous MRI in March - if anything swelling has reduced slightly which is a little contradicting given my husbands increased weakness on left side. Oncologist is of the opinion that there is more than likely tumour still present there and that may be accounting for the increased weakness.  His recommendations short term are as follows :- -Commence Temodal (5 day dose) -Increase dexa -Commence bactrum -Next consult with oncologist on June 3rd He did also speak with us regarding treatment of Avastin - I expect this will be an option if tumour is more evident on next MRI (due June 23rd) Our oncologist was great and answered all the questions we had - we actually expected that MRI would be inconclusive so will just see how things go !
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